So the weird pattern of voting out all the women on Big Brother this season seems to have affected my computer.  As in, it is all broken.  It will only work for like, 5 minutes at a time.  That’s a fine work ethic for a human like me, but for my computer it is unacceptable.  So now I can’t do the banner pic that none of you care about OR the thumbnail that you don’t click.   So here you are, stuck with just my words.  Words like: Boobs.  The only boobs left on the show (the real kind attached to girls not the funny kind) are attached to Britney.  And they have bounced their way right into the Head of Household room.

The thing that bothers me about the Sunday night episode is that one can tell what’s going to happen pretty quickly.  We knew that Britney the little bitch was going to nominate Brendon.  He kept lumbering around thinking he had a ‘deal’ with her but I seriously don’t understand how he could have thought he had a chance.  He had NOBODY on his team except Rachel.  He didn’t even TRY to get anyone else on his team.  It’s ridiculous.  He has no friends.  And Rachel was sick of him by the time the show was over.  That sort of makes me root for him, but then I see his stupid head and he says something in a manner that implies he has people on his team and I just can’t.

So who can I root for?  I guess not having the big banner pic is making me think more.  or maybe I’m trying to forget that the Gallery computer is sick.  Either way, I think  that the show is going to get boring pretty quickly if Britney gets voted out.  Who wants to watch a bunch of muscle dudes and some wimpy dudes sit in the sun and lift weights and talk to each other?  Nobody, that’s who!  Certainly not me.  I now want Britney to go to the final two and then lose. Do you hear me, CBS?  I don’t even care who she loses to (except not Ragan, fuck him).  I hope one of the video guys does a video about this.  I wish I had my computer back.  shit.