I don’t have any programs or anything like that, but I sort of mostly have a computer.  And tonight on Big Brother, Brendon won the power of veto and took himself off the block.  And the way he did it was great.  The competition involved being offered punishments (which earned you points toward the veto) and rewards (which cost you points and made you less likely to win).  Brendon and Enzo (the two people nominated) ended up taking all the punishments but it was Brendon who ultimately won!

So the person everyone wanted out was the person who ended up safe.  And after some shenanigans, Matt the wife curser ended up being the person put up on the block to replace Brendon.  And the circle of revenge was complete.  Not bad for a show I had given up on.  Vive le dummies!

Also – lack of pictures and overall flailing is cause I still dont have my comp fixed.  yay big brother!  I cant even do capital letters.  Sigh.  Also – we are moving hosts pretty soon so if things look all jacked up that’s why.  Sorry!  Do a lot of comments in here so I can have something to read while I cry!