OK, it is almost over.  There are only four people left and three of them are on Team Derh.  Now, am I going to take back all the mean things I’ve said about Team Derh since the beginning?  No.  I am not.  Despite the fact that three of the original four of them are still around, I do not credit their exemplary game play.  No, I instead credit the fact that they were playing against what may go down in history as the sorriest bunch of doofuses ever assembled on the show.  Look at them up there.  Can you name ONE other alliance (not including Team Finger)?  Two people is not an alliance.  Did Team Derh succeed by teaming up in the beginning and then sticking to it (mostly)?  Yes. But that’s like congratulating them for being the only people on the submarine who didn’t open a window.

And there is Brittany.  Baby Blonde is scared to death right now but I personally don’t think she’s going anywhere.  Hayden is safely in the final three as he won the HOH.  But the weird thing with the final four is that the person who wins the Veto is really the one who has the majority of the power.  As there will be two people on the block, there is only one person voting.  There can’t be a tie so the HOH won’t vote, and the person who wins the Veto, unless they are a complete moron, will make sure they are safe and will cast the only vote to evict.  That’s why Baby Blonde Brittany should not be worried.  It breaks down like this:

  • Brittany and Lane are nominated.  Enzo is voting and should vote out Lane.
  • If Hayden or Enzo Wins veto, the nominations stay the same and, I believe, they will keep Brittany.
  • If Lane wins veto, he sends home Enzo.
  • If Brittany wins, she sends home Enzo.

So by my calculations….I don’t care.  Crap.  I’m sorry.  I wanted to.  I’m not particularly mad at any of them.  Enzo stinks at challenges so it will be funny if he wins the veto.  He’ll stomp around and say he won the one that really mattered.  And he’ll be right.  Lane seems like he’s rich already.  Brittany is a bitch.  Hayden has too much hair.  But fuck it.  I have a luxurious head of hair, so I will root for Hayden.  GO HAIR!