There are so few people in the house now that it is much easier for me to channel my hate.  My laser beam eyes will burn the bullet points into this recap.

  • The typical “OMG I HAVE TO WIN THE VETO” thing came into play.  The only one who really needed it was Ragan.
  • The competition was the one where you have to run around the yard getting answers to questions and sort of play musical chairs until someone wins.
  • The thing giving out the clues is a giant singing clam with a top hat for some reason.  It is not the same giant singing clam with a top hat that I have at my house by the old box of CD’s (I checked)
  • It was down to Enzo and Ragan (the two nominees).  That made me happy cause you like to see people with the chance to save themselves instead of having to rely on someone else.  So it came down to an answer they both knew and the CD (which was what they had to bring to the Clam, who I call Clammy) was someplace that they both remembered.
  • Technically Ragan was closer to the CD than useless Enzo.  Oh, for those of you who don’t know, Ragan is The Gay Guy and Enzo is The Idiot.
  • Enzo beat Ragan to the CD and won Veto and now the next two bullet points will be mean-spirited.
  • Ragan, you fucking idiot.  The only people in the house who would have been on your team were the horrible Brendon and Rachel.  You decided to get all sanctimonious and ended up with exactly Zero people on your team.  Zero.  And again you cry.  You are a bitch.  If you get voted out I won’t be sorry.  You’re a dumb head and you don’t have any pals.
  • Enzo you useless piece of crap.  You won one veto.  It was the first thing you ever won in the house.  And then, even though I know some of it was joking, he still sounded like one of those people who got to play football in high school for maybe two plays per game and then spent the whole ride home on the bus talking about those two plays as if they each took like, 17 minutes.  Fuck you you dummy.  Give yourself the nickname of Meow Meow.  WHO DOES THAT?  Why did the show not choose to explain it?  Why?
  • After the game, they had to do some stupid punishments because of Lane opening Pandora’s Box.  It was stupid.  if I could invent the punishments it would be not letting them eat until they finished 100 sudoku puzzles.
  • Enzo took himself off the block and got replaced with Hayden.  This is because Lane (Farm Boy Two) is aligned with 3 of the 5 people in the house.
  • I now believe that Baby Blonde Brittany will make it to the end.

Do any of you even watch this show?