Just so we are clear, here is the key for the picture above.  HOH is gold.  Immune people are green (I doubt this will happen again so meh).  Targets are the nominees and I’ll do something else for Veto.  I dunno, maybe a boob.  Anyway, Show highlights after the jump, including Sabotage , caramel and a moron from New Jersey!  Screen shots, too.

Bullet points FIRE!

  • Nobody has a frigging clue who the SABOTAGER is.  I prefer saying Sabotager cause “Saboteur” is too fancy for this show.
  • Annie the bisexual quietly revealed to the gay guy (the real Sabotager) that she has,  DUN DUN DUNNNNN,  a girlfriend!  I am now making a mouth fart sound.  It’s Big Brother.  I think they broke a rule by only having one gay person in there to start with.
  • The Have/Have Not competition involved climbing through sticky caramel.  The blondes got stuck but the only person whose pants came off was sexy Superman.  Drat.
  • The Jewish guy announced that Slop was not Kosher.  I lol’d and hoped that he would be put on slop.  He wasn’t.  Maybe God DID choose him!
  • The Have Not room is filled with chaise lounges and smelly bugs.  Like your deck.
  • Super Tits and Superman found love in Science as they laid in the hammock of brains and talked about crap.  Annie the bisexual had to sit through it and still didnt get made into a sandwich by them, which I assume was her goal.
  • The Sabotager put blue tape over the two slow ass blonde’s pics.  The blondes fucked up in the challenge.  They also fucked up in the first challenge.  They are not Sabotagers.
  • Farm Boy, other Farm Boy, Web Designer and Guido formed an alliance.  It was the Guido’s idea.  He gave them all nicknames.  And being a top notch nickname giver, and realizing that the guy had pretty much his whole life to plan out the nicknames he would give out to people on TV just in case he made them: animal, beast and brains.  And not to leave himself out, he called himself “Meow Meow”.  And he called the whole alliance: “The Brigade”.  Idiot.  If I get in a TV alliance I’m calling it the Marcellus Wallaces!
  • Farm Boy nominated team science, Superman and Supertits for eviction.  Superman vowed to fight.  He has a good chance at winning the veto if it involves anything physical or mental, so good for him!
  • Meow Meow the moron called himself both a “Genius” and a “Mastermind” for how things went.  I’ll just allow that to sink in.  What shall we do next, Professor Meow Meow?