Ragan was evicted.  Here are some highlights.

  • Ragan’s advice to Lane about why he should be kept was compelling and right and useless.
  • Lane sells oil rigs.  I have to think that the rumors of him being rich will hurt him.  Also I think being rich will help him.
  • Matt owning up to lying about his wife being ill got the derision it deserved.  If I were his wife I would totally pretend I didn’t have a leg.
  • Enzo is a dope.
  • Farm Boy One, Hayden, is gonna win probably.  He’s pretty.
  • If he doesn’t win then Baby Blonde will.  People will bring her cause they think everyone hates her and that they will beat her in the finals.  But she will play the “I got them to keep me” card and just might win.
  • She won’t win, she’s too bitchy!
  • Really, based on the final four, I am thinking that I am going to start a write in campaign for the lady down there.  She might not be playing a reality game.  She might be reporting a crime she witnessed.  She might have wanted coffee.  She might have a little knew.  But she would still be better than all of them.  Every.  Single.  One.

Seriously, that video does rule.