The fight between Supertits and Stealth Tits is the single best fight in the history of Big Brother.  Like, they called each other names like little kids.  It was awesome.  Just AWESOME.  Oh, also, JW wrote this!

When i go to to watch the Big Brother (listen to Podcaturday to find out why), I notice that if you were a really big 24/7 fan of the show you can open a window into a world of tons of content. Content that could realistically put you in a 24/7 world of watching people who re living in a house, knowing they are watched and being alive themselves.

Every Head of the House is apparently given a camera and spend their week taking pictures of random stuff, which then goes on the CBS website. When Rachel was HOH the 1st time there were a lot of pictures like this. People get to leave comments under each picture, which makes for awesome, unbridled hate to get through. For instance, duck/kissy face Rachel pictures go up and “OMG hate her DIE DIE” is in the comments.

Matt went in a different route; more of a combination of homoeroticism, some good times and of course, bros being bros. But out of all of these pictures that are taken, one question is ingrained deep into all of our hearts and minds:

Assuming that these are implants, is this not one of the better pairs you’ve seen on a person?

So now that Supertits is the HOH it makes me laugh how much everyone hates her.  And it also occurred to me that Stealth Tits who refused to even LIE and pretend to accept Supertits’ fake apology or go see her HOH room may be the dumbest player in the history of the game.  Well, no.  Marcellas was the dumbest player ever, but Stealth Tits is a close second.

The way the game works is not complicated.  Pissing in the face of the person who can kisk you out is not a good strategy.  Ever.  And also, saying “It’s on.” and “Oh you don’t know what I’m capable of.” does not actually make you better at anything.  It just makes it funnier when you lose. (update – Stealth Tits did shitty in reward – LOL)

So – now I’m just killing time waiting for the nominations.  Look!  Product Placement.  Marky Mark!  Will Ferrel! Also, the fact that they just got done talking about how fake they were acting in the HOH room makes them yapping about seeing the movie funnier.  Also, Enzo/Meow Meow/Doofus is gay.

Mama Blonde fucked up.  And so did Baby Blonde.  Why is it that nobody gets the fact that EEEE HAW has won 2 HOH’s and Superman has won at least two Veto’s.  Why don’t the two blondes try to get on their side?  They win shit. That’s sort of how the game works.  Sigh.  This show is killing me!