I watch Biggest Loser.  Well, I guess I should say I fast forward Biggest Loser.  Every episode is the same, so you can tell when to Fast Forward.  Goes like this:

  • Skip the worst theme song in TV history.  “What have you done today blah blah…” It sucks.  –>
  • Watch the weekly twist.  Two people get eliminated…  One person gets set on fire… All the contestants have to do it…
  • Watch the Challenge
  • Skip the infomercials and anything where the trainers are in the house.  They are just gonna talk about gum or plastic bags. –>
  • Skip the last chance workout.  If I wanna see people sweat I will watch porn or try to get something out of the back shelf of my closet. –>
  • Skip the inevitable “Person figures out why they gained the weight and blah blah blah”.  Not everything needs to be blamed on your parents.  Cept for me.  Screw you, dad.  🙁 –>
  • Watch the weigh in (see my real question below) but skip the annoying fucking beeps.
  • Don’t watch the deliberation. –>
  • Don’t watch them all blubber and cry at the voting –>
  • DO see how skinny the person who got kicked out got!

So now that I told you how to watch the show, help me out.  Why do they have the guys take off their shirts and the women wear those tank tops when they are the MOST FAT?  Like, in the very beginning, when the contestants are as big as they are gonna get, they are mostly naked.  But as they get smaller, they get to keep their shirts on.  Why is this?  How come they make the girl who weighs 350 pounds wear a sports bra, but after she loses 100 pounds (and weighs 250) they put a shirt on her?

I guess the only thing I an think of is ‘extra skin’?  They have the same amount of skin they had in the beginning.  And mind you, I am not petitioning for the people to have shirts or not have shirts.  I think they should do what they want.  But obviously there is some sort of orchestrated thing going on.  Because they ALL have no shirts, and then shirts.  So what gives?

Answers please.