Amy Willerton UK Bikini Photos (1)

Amy Willerton is a 21 year old pageant queen hailing from the UK.  She was discovered while out shopping with her sister at the tender age of fifteen, was signed to a modeling agency, and began her pageant career shortly afterwards.  You can laugh all you want at the idea of a pageant “career” but this young lady is a winner through and through.  Ms. Willerton won the title of Miss Bristol in 2010,  Miss Bath in 2011, Miss London in 2012, then placed in the top five at the Miss England contest in 2012.  She’s like the Sea Biscuit of beauty queens, even defying the odds to be the first UK contestant to place in the top ten at the Miss Universe pageant since 1983.  I probably totally missed the boat with that Sea Biscuit reference (I haven’t even seen the movie!) but I really wanted to compare a pageant queen to a thoroughbred horse.  One more thing off my bucket list, facts be damned!  More recently she seems to have found her niche appearing on various reality TV shows, dating pseudo celebrities, and most importantly wearing lots of bikinis.  Which of course, brings her full circle as a Bikini Sunday girl.  Congratulations, Amy Willerton!  And you’re welcome.  As always, I’m just here to help.

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