For this week’s Bikini Sunday I present to you Ms. AnnaLynne McCord, star of hit show 90210.  Besides looking fantastic in a bikini she also has a lion’s mane of gorgeous curly hair (which I have a penchant for), and a hot sister or two (which I also am in full support of).  I took both these factors into consideration when making my selection.

Now, AnnaLynne has come under fire for her weight in the past.  Personally I think she looks great. She’s skinnier than I for sure, but I troll the internet all day while she works out and does things on the beach and wears swimsuits 24/7.  You get the picture.

Anyhow, enjoy the photos.  I threw one in of the hot sister too.  In a bikini.  You’re welcome.  And apparently she really REALLY likes that girl she’s playing volleyball with.  The one also wearing a bikini.  God bless America.