Avril Lavigne bikini (5)

It’s that time of year that we all love, when the weather gets warmer and the ladies start wearing less clothing.  It’s great for someone like me that has a job posting pictures of celebrities in bikinis.  The winter bikini drought is over!  Well, actually, to be honest, I hate the warm weather and wish it would rain year round.  But we’ve already established I’m a terrible person.  Besides, this isn’t about me.  It’s actually about pop singer Avril Lavigne.  Avril is best known for making horrible music years ago and marrying that douchebag guy from Sum 41 before fading into obscurity.  But who knew that she looked pretty amazing in a bathing suit?  I sure didn’t.  But now I do, as do all of you.  You’re welcome again!  Have a good week and enjoy the stupid sun.  I’ll be inside, creeping from my computer by the cool breeze of my air conditioner.