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Bikini Sunday – Best of 2013

Best Bikini Pics of the Year

Happy New Year, everyone!  Here’s the best of Bikini Sunday 2013.  Who’s your favorite?  Let me know and we’ll give her a special feature in 2014!  Vote in the comments below, stay safe, and I’ll see you all next year.

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January – Carine Felizardo

Carine Felizardo

 February – Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni

March – Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones

April – Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba in a Bikini

May – Jaime Chung

Jaime Chung

June – Mel B

Mel B Bikini Shot

July – Kate Upton

sexy kate upton bikini malfunction

August – Natasha Hamilton

Natasha Hamilton

September – Danica Patrick

danica patrick bikini

October – Kimberley Garner

Kimberley Garner

November – Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden Bikini

December – Jessica-Jane Clement

 Jessica-Jane Clement Bikini

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  1. hoodchick

    Hey, there’s a comment box now. I think I’m going with Rosie Jones. Only partly because her name amuses me.

  2. Corey Shaughnessy

    I’ll fight anyone who doesn’t say Rosie Jones.

  3. Eva Halloween

    Kate Upton. Poor girl doesn’t even understand how bikinis work.

  4. stacyfrazer

    Rosie Jones here too

  5. elssar

    Rosie Jones, hands down.


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