Princess Peach is out this week and Eva Halloween better be is making sure I don’t ruin the October hijinks this year so I decided to give everyone a break and fill in.  And since I pretend that we actually go and TAKE all these pictures I thought it also might be fun to pretend we had bloopers.  Like Hulk Hogan’s dad up there.  How?  What?  Why is he sad?  Maybe he lost a bet.  Yeah – that’s what I’m going with.  He lost a bet.  The rest have some pretty girls in them but they are the same amount of dumb.

Most girls go to the beach to have fun. Not glare at photographers who catch them apparently doing card tricks.

Click to make the image bigger and tell me if it is just me or is she totally cutting one in that pic.

This pic is not very bloopery, but right after that the boat was captured by Somali pirates. Cray.

Dude on the right is totally lucky. Also, what a terrible beach. Why don’t they just throw up some pine cones for people to lay on?

Happens to everyone.


That old dude should show these girls how to wear a bikini properly.

As I’m sure you are wondering, yes, I do have a ton of pics of horribly worse bikini pics.  But this is a classy joint.  Plus I need to make sure that if Peach is still gone next week I have more stuff to put up.