Britney Spears launched yet another comeback today with the release of her new single “Work Bitch”. (Acadia, am I allowed to use the word ‘Bitch’ here?  It’s the name of the song!)  And, as is custom for such comebacks, she also released a bikini photo of herself on twitter.  Now I know making fun of Britney has been en vogue for some time now, but the girl legit looks pretty good.  Hell, even at her worst she looked better than most folks that have a couple of kids and a Cheetos addiction do.  Case in point:  honey-boo-boos-mom

But I digress.  I think Britney would actually be pretty hot if she’d just get rid of her chronically awful extensions and just go with a cute short cut while she grows it out.  If Miley can survive chopping off all her hair, certainly Britney can.  At least Britney can dance.  And while she’s humped some backup dancers in her time, she’s never resorted to foam fingers.  To further prove my point, for exhibit “B” I present to you Britney bikini photos from through the years.  I say “not too shabby”.  What say you all?  Weigh in below and I’ll see you all next week, same bat time, same bat channel, same superficial content.