Since the Miss America scandal has had a chance to simmer down a little, I wanted to feature one of the finalists for Bikini Sunday and show you all what could have been. So I was perusing the swimsuit competition shots when suddenly OMG who is this stunning Farrah Faucett like creature?  Well it turns out it’s none other than Miss Texas 2012, Brittany Lynn Booker.  That was when I knew it was truly meant to be because my boss loves blonde chicks named Brittany and this will probably get me a raise.

So, onto Brittany.  Brittany was raised in a Christian household, attended a Christian high school, and sings in her church’s choir.  She also fills out a bikini well and aspires to be a Victoria’s Secret model.  So what do you think guys?  Does she have what it takes?  Let me know if my Spidey Senses were on point again or not in the comments, and tune in next week for more exciting bikini adventures!