Brook Burke vs Erin Andrews

Recently, Brooke Burke was abruptly dropped as co-host of Dancing With the Stars. She was replaced by Erin Andrews who is seven years her junior (Brooke is 42, Erin is 35). It was rumored that the change was to draw in a younger male audience. Now, although DWTS isn’t a show I follow, this decision confuses me for several reasons.  First of all, from what I understand, young males that like to look at pretty women aren’t exactly their target audience. Secondly, Brooke is smoking hot at 42 and quite frankly doesn’t look any older than Erin. Am I off base here? I couldn’t find as many bikini photos of Erin, but I made sure to choose recent ones of Brooke.  To me Brooke is superior in every way.   And by that, I mean she’s way hotter.  Since this is the internet and all feel free to disagree strongly in the comments below.  I know you will.  And don’t forget to be superficial, as is custom.  See you all next week when I try and right more injustices!