Caitlin Rice Bikini Sunday (7)

Meet Caitlin Rice, 22 year old fitness model from Canada.  Ms. Rice is armed with two essential items for an aspiring model: a fantastic backside and an Instagram account.  She’s certainly attracting a lot of attention as a result of both.   Besides bikinis, she’s known to model lingerie and workout gear, including yoga pants (Mmmmm…yoga pants).  After a glance through her Instagram page, I’m legitimately starting to think we should hire someone to write “Yoga Pants Tuesdays.”  They really are a phenomenal item of clothing.  I included some photos in case of any skepticism you might have.  So, what do you think?  (About Caitlin of course.  The “Yoga Pants Tuesdays” thing is a no-brainer.)  Is she worthy of the “best backside on Instagram” title the internet has bestowed her with?  Weigh in below and join me next week when I search for the best frontside on Instagram!  Yay, equal opportunity!