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Bikini Sunday – Carine Felizardo Miss BumBum Brasil 2012

bumbum6-1Last week in NYC onlookers were treated to to a stunning 25 year old blonde wearing nothing but a bikini, heels, and a tan, despite it dropping down to temps as low as 12° F. This beautiful and brave creature is no other than Ms Carine Felizardo. Ms Felizardo looks like an exotic Jessica Simpson, and is the latest woman to wear a crown I never knew existed: Miss BumBum Brasil. Basically, the hottest butts from a country known for hot butts get together for a huge competition to see who has the hottest butt. And the luckiest people on earth get to attend and judge. The more you know! We should get educational grants for all the bikini knowledge I drop. Pictures from the competition to follow. Catch you all on the back… er, flipside. *wink*

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  1. alex

    “Miss BumBum Superficial Gallery” sounds like a great idea for the next contest…

  2. PelvicBoogie

    The only bad thing I can say about this post, is that it’s really hard to type with one hand. Because, you know, I’m eating a sandwich while reading it. You sick bastards.


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