JAG!  That’s what this chick is from.  JAG!  I wonder if she regrets that at all.  I mean, she got paid, and I have to assume any day when your job is being on a TV show has to beat a day when your job is something else, but I can’t help but wonder if she wanted more.

I also wonder if she would be mad that I am speaking about her in the past tense.  For all I know she is dead.  Or maybe JAG won the Emmy for best show I never saw an episode of.  And please don’t think I am one of those “I don’t watch TV” people.  Gah, no.  I would like to gather all those people together and find out how many novels or cures or new recipes they have created with all the time they saved by not watching TV.  Come on, you hippie snobs, show me!

Bah, they got nothing.  They like to yak about how they have “better things to do” than watch the “idiot box”.  But they are full of crap.  KNITTING AND SCRAP-BOOKING AND THE OTHER CRAP YOU DO IS NOT BETTER, HIPPIES.

Anyway, JAG!  Take a look at Ms. Bell’s Bells.  Perhaps you can figure out my complicated bikini choosing criteria.  *puts on fake glasses and stares at clipboard*