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Bikini Sunday – Charisma Carpenter

I chose Charisma Carpenter for this week’s feature because she recently tweeted this fantastic bikini pic, she’s 43 and still looking great, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer of course. So I wandered over to wikipedia (as is my custom) to get some info about her other TV and movie appearances. She’s been in Veronica Mars, the Buffy video game (of course), and recently in The Expendables. Oh and a cameo in Boy Meets World so that’s cool (unghhhf gotta feature Topanga one of these weeks). But then something spectacular caught my eye. THEY’RE FILMING A REMAKE OF THE MONEY PIT. Yes, the 1986 comedy with Shelly Long and Tom Hanks where their house falls apart and they fight a lot. She plays the lead alongside Paul Rudd, Daniel Craig and Zach Galifianakis are in it, and Shelly Long and Tom Hanks both make cameos. Oh, and did I mention Betty White!? This is fantastic news indeed.  Now enjoy the pics while I spend the afternoon reminiscing about silly 80’s movies on Netflix.  So until we meet again, good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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  1. DasBub

    Now, if she could just put a bag over her head…

    • BackwoodsHorror (@BackwoodsHorror)

      Oh yeah, DasBubadubdub, ha ha, you’re hilarious. I actually believe you are an adonis amongst men and fucking Charisma Carpenter is too ugly for you. This must be the case. No possible way you’d whimper and piss yourself if she came up to you and just breathed delicately on your neck, getting in close, just close enough to slightly brush up against you. No way you’d kill your grandmother for that to happen. I salute you, sir. Clearly, golden idols to your handsomeness must be erected in every major city so that men everywhere know what the new male standard is.

      • DasBub

        That’s what I’ve been saying.


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