Bikini Sunday this week features the lovely Charlize Theron, star of the upcoming movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Ms. Theron was born in South Africa, and according to wikipedia (because I’m a serious journalist) her first language is Afrikkans. I think that’s a really cool random fact and I think it would be sexy as hell to hear. So there’s that. Do with it what you want. Besides speaking an exotic language and being in a ton of fantastic movies, Ms. Theron also looks fantastic in a bikini. Which is really what this is all about. I also included one of her where she doesn’t seem to be wearing much at all save for some gold paint. I wasn’t sure if I should leave it in the article since she’s not technically in a bikini, but I made the tough call and left it alone. Serious journalist, remember? See you next week if I don’t get fired!