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Bikini Sunday – Clip Show Edition

It hit me tonight that I now have ten Bikini Sundays under my belt and I feel pretty good about it.  They say if you do something ten times it’s yours for life, so now Acadia can never fire me!  Hurrah for job security!  Now please indulge me as a take a quick walk down memory lane and give you some new pictures of old favorites.  Pay attention, there will be a quiz at the end.

Week 1: Rihanna


Week 2: Maria Menounos


Week 3: Katy Perry


Week 4: Shannen Doherty


Week 5:  Kate Upton


Week 6: Charlize Theron


Week 7: Jennifer Lopez


Week 8: Betty Brosmer


Week 9: Claudia Romani


Week 10: Nina Agdal


So what do you guys think so far?  Comment below and let me know who your favorite is and who I should feature in the future.  Here’s to making your week better, one bikini at a time.

P.S.  I lied about the quiz.

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  1. Rog

    Why is Shannen Doherty in there? To remind us that life sucks??

  2. ben zaitz

    JLo ftw. Dayum. Oddly, +katy perry takes 2nd place.

  3. Geo

    I would have to say Katie Perry is my favorite, but I’ve always been partial to big boobs and kissing girls.


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