Emilia Attias Hot Bikini Sunday Superficial Gallery 13

Every week when I sit down to write my post I have a moment where I’m conflicted between featuring a famous actress/celebrity whose name will garner me lots of search engine hits, and a lesser known individual who I think my “readers” (I use that term loosely) will enjoy.  This week I couldn’t help but go for the less famous but stunningly beautiful Emilia Attias (Sorry Acadia)  (You’re welcome, everybody else!).  Emilia is a 26 year old actress, dancer, model and TV host born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Her first foray into fame was back in 2001 when she was cast in a Levi’s ad.  Since then most of her popularity has been on Argentinian TV. Basically, we’re getting shafted here in the states. Not only is she insanely easy on the eyes, but she can rock any look from bohemian rasta with her long blonde dreadlocks, to old Hollywood glamour with shorter dark waves.  There’s even some photos where I swear she’s channeling a young Pat Benetar.  You can look at 10 pictures of her and each one looks like a completely different, yet equally gorgeous girl.  And whatever the look du jour is, she owns it 100%!  I absolutely love her and hope to see more of her soon.  Am I alone in this?  Set me straight here!