Hayden Penitentiary was on the Project Runway I watched earlier today on On Demand.  She was a guest judge.  I guess they needed a stumpy girl to make clothes for.  Don’t get me wrong, she is cute as a button and I like the first season of Heroes as much as anyone, but the girl is just stumpy.  Stumpy arms, stumpy legs.  She probably has no idea what’s on top of her fridge.  And even if she did she could never reach it.  Poor thing.

But stumpy or not, she might be the best bikini wearer in all of Hollywood.  Look at these pics.  She’s not just daintily getting on and off a yacht or putting sunblock on some stupid kid.  She is IN ACTION.  Running here and there.  Playing tennis in bare feet.  Sitting with a mermaid in the back of a car.Even (maybe) pooping on some dolphins off the side of a boat.  The girl knows how to get things done.

I know Princess Peach is on vacation and will be back next week but I might have to come back every once in a while and see if there are new pics of Hayden doing more action stunts in a bikini.  Maybe she will be in a lumberjack competition or cook Thanksgiving dinner.  That stumpy little thing can do anything!