Last week I couldn’t decide who to feature, so I posted a weekly roundup of the best bikini shots of the week and asked you, the “readers”, who was worthy of a full feature.  The feedback I received made it clear you’d like to see more of Made in Chelsea star Kimberley Garner.  All I can really ascertain about Ms. Garner is that she was born into money, recently launched a swimwear line, goes to church regularly, and has a penchant for rolling up the back of her swimsuits to show more bum.  British girls have bums instead of butts, right?  Anyways, whatever you call it, she definitely likes to show hers off.  And for that, we thank her.  So without further ado, here’s what you asked for!  Stay tuned as we move into skanky cosplay season, or as we at the Gallery like to call it, Halloween!  There’s good things to come.  See you then.