Since tonight is Game of Thrones night I thought it might be nice to give Princess Peach a night off and do a post on Lena Headey who plays Queen Marmalade or whatever.  Her son is a cruel little weirdo and considering he is an incest baby (she boinks her brother for some reason) it is mostly her fault so it is really no wonder that she is so crabby all the time.  But not as crabby as Eva was when she was helping me find pics.  It seems Ms. Headey is allergic to bathing suits.

Seriously.  We have naked, vinyl and underwear in the gallery below and a tank top in the banner, but apparently when she goes to be beach she only wears dresses and pantsuits and stuff.  Weird.  I mean, she is still hot, but I am not sure I can trust someone who won’t wear a garment that comes with built in underwear.  Plus if she wanted to date me I would have to find out if she had a hot brother in real life.  I’m very suspicious now….