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Good news, everybody!  This week’s Bikini Sunday pick is the gorgeous and oh-so-charming Maria Menounos.  Now the gorgeous is obvious, but the charming part… how do I know this?  Well I was lucky enough to meet Ms. Menounos face to face in a G+ hangout this last week (think video conference) and I assure you she is sweet as pie.  And I don’t kid around when it comes to pie.  Seriously.

Sadly, she wasn’t in a bikini when we met, but here are some pictures where she is! And one of the G+ hangout.  I tried to ask her some important questions about important things but only managed to awkwardly mumble something about being her being absolutely beautiful.  I represent for the masses, what can I say?  See you all next week when I tackle more hard hitting issues and continue to expand my sphere of influence within the celebrity bikini community and beyond.

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  1. Finch

    Girl abs done right. Hawt.

  2. Eva


  3. Princess Peach

    She is SO nice in person! She didn’t even make me feel stupid for acting stupid.

  4. Jon

    Wow, she’s gorgeous. I wish I could have been there for that Hangout!


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