Good news, everybody!  This week’s Bikini Sunday pick is the gorgeous and oh-so-charming Maria Menounos.  Now the gorgeous is obvious, but the charming part… how do I know this?  Well I was lucky enough to meet Ms. Menounos face to face in a G+ hangout this last week (think video conference) and I assure you she is sweet as pie.  And I don’t kid around when it comes to pie.  Seriously.

Sadly, she wasn’t in a bikini when we met, but here are some pictures where she is! And one of the G+ hangout.  I tried to ask her some important questions about important things but only managed to awkwardly mumble something about being her being absolutely beautiful.  I represent for the masses, what can I say?  See you all next week when I tackle more hard hitting issues and continue to expand my sphere of influence within the celebrity bikini community and beyond.

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