This year at the Gold Coast Swim Fashion Festival, onlookers will get a special treat. Swimwear line Sunseeker is showcasing a collaboration with celebrity jeweler Ann Middleton at their show. Now, Ann has worked with clients like Bill Clinton and Elton John in the past so she’s accustomed to dealing with serious bling. But this project is possibly the most extravagant she’s put together. You see, they made a swimsuit worth over a million dollars. The suit boasts more than 220 brilliant cut diamonds weighing a total of 133 carats.  It’s insanely sparkly.  But somehow, despite all the money and and Australian gems they put into it, it still looks like a costume I’d see at the local strip club.  And you can’t even swim in it!   Sigh.  It’s still fun anyhow.  And it looks stunning as modeled by local girl Samantha Harris.  So there you have it, a million dollar piece that’s good for nothing.  Ha!  I can’t think of a better representation of the celebutard lifestyle.  Ok, that’s as deep as I’m going to get.  Carry on.  And until next week, stay superficial my friends.