brooke burke bikini photos

After last year’s Mother’s Day debacle which resulted in Acadia almost firing me, I had to do something good here or risk once again incurring his wrath.  Since our tastes in women vary so much (he likes Courtney Stodden and Hayden Panettiere , I like Kate Upton and chicks in Storm Trooper helmets) I figured a maternal clip show was the way to go.  That way there’s something for everyone.  We all like a hot mom, right?  Plus I once again fell into the trap of thinking a clip show would be easier than just choosing a celebrity and rolling with it.  Spoiler: it isn’t.  So without further ado I present to you what will hopefully prove to be my redemption…  moms in bikinis.  I think I hit this one out of the ballpark. I did, right?  Acadia?  Anyone?  I need validation and praise!  I’ll just be over here waiting.