Bikini Sunday – Natasha Hamilton

Princess Peach

Natasha Hamilton Bikini Rubdown

Natasha Hamilton is a member of Brit girl group Atomic Kitten. I’m featuring her this week because I have a thing for redheads (and desperation).  She recently split from her husband of six years and promptly booked a vacation to a destination with lots of beaches. Once there, she did what anyone facing a public heartbreak would do: got in a bikini and had lots of pictures taken.  And once the paps were done shooting her she had a friend take some.  And once her friend was done she took some iPhone selfies. You can’t have enough pictures!  She definitely pulled it off, although it looks as little bit as if a recent surgery might not have quite, uh, settled in yet. Those things look like they have some room to drop.  Either way she looks fantastic for a woman that has birthed three children.  And she looks happy so she must be, right?  Perhaps now that she’s out of that pesky marriage she can concentrate on reviving her career  and taking more bikini pictures.  And for that, we thank her.  Until next week, kids.  You know where to find me.



  1. Don Quikaung
    Don QuikaungReply
    August 11, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    There really is nothing quite like the smell of desperation to lure potential suitors. Reminds me of the Bloodhound Gang’s “A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When A Stripper Is Crying.” And truth be told, it is really hard to hide a hard on when you’re dressed like Minnie Pearl.

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