I am really busy and I need to go to New York so I can only do two pictures.  But since I am awesome, I found two people who were actually born in NYC.  Up above there is someone named Lake Bell.  Her parents must have conceived her on a buoy.

In the pic below, we have Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Who knew she was born in NYC?  Not me.  Didn’t she have a show this season?  Wasn’t she supposed to be a super good actress?  You mean Buffy was only a cult hit?  Like Firefly?  Weird.  I thought Joss Whedon was a huge genius.  Too bad 14 million people don’t work at “Entertainment Weekly”.  Buffy would still be on the air.  Firefly, too.

I’ll be gone until Thursday, btw.  So if anything gets published it won’t be me. *washes hands*