I recently had the opportunity to participate in a G+ hangout (think online video chat) with none other than the beautiful Miss Gina Elise, founder of Pin-Ups for Vets. She has been creating calendars in the spirit of the 1940’s pin-up girls  since 2007. These calendars are sold to raise funds for injured veterans, delivered as gifts to veterans, and sent to the troops to provide morale. It certainly improved mine! Get yours over at http://www.pinupsforvets.com/

Besides doing good work and having a heart of gold, Gina Elise is also, as expected, VERY easy on the eyes.  She has creamy porcelain skin, luscious red lips, a mane of flowing curls, and curves in all the right places.  You know… I think this is where I shut up and just post pictures.  So here’s the goods!  See you all next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel.