Bikini Sunday is an institution now, like “Meet the Press” and church.  People get all excited to see who it’s going to be, then gaze appreciatively and the beauty we offer.  So why I am using a pic of Scarlett Johansson in her full Avengers outfit?  I mean, she is one of the hottest young starlets out there, right?

Makes no sense that I am focusing on how pretty her face is and how she can not only pull off, but look great in an outfit that covers up so much of her famous body.  No sense at all.

Well it is not easy to get bikini pictures of someone who apparently never goes swimming.  Seriously.  There are a million photos of her on the red carpet for this or that but pics of her hangin’ by the pool or romping on a yacht are more rare than animated gifs of Bigfoot.  Why?  She’s a movie star.  I am sure she can take a million vacations.  Does she just go skiing?  Why doesn’t she show off in skimpy bikinis?

*looks at pics*

Oh.  Got it.  She doesn’t look like someone whose job is to look perfect.  Well lah dee dah Miss Fancy Actress!  Acting like the rest of us.  How dare you.  How dare you?