Sexy Bikini Skiier

As the temperatures continue to drop I find it particularly fitting to feature two of my favorite things: snow and bikinis. Of course, I also hold tacos and cats near to my heart, but we’ll cover those in a future installment. Now one could argue that you’d have to be crazy to go running around in the snow wearing only a swath of lycra, and one might be correct. But wearing bikinis in frozen environments is like cleaning the viewing booths at the nudie shows. Nobody wants to do it, but everyone agrees that it needs to be done. So to the women that brave the snow in bikinis, we all thank you for doing your patriotic duty.  It’s a noble sacrifice for the greater good.  I hope someone at least got them some hot chocolate for their efforts.  So what do you think?  Do snow bunnies make you hot, or is it just too cold?  And would you ever wear a swimsuit in the snow?  Weigh in below, enjoy the gallery, and join us next week same place same time with all the bikinis that are fit to print.

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