Sam the cheerleader is the banner pic because I CHOSE HER — Acadia

At this point it’s looking a lot like the Seattle Seahawks are going to win this year’s Super Bowl. There was a derp moment at the beginning and the Broncos never quite recovered.  But, as promised, we’re going to focus on the cheerleaders! (I’d make a crappy sports writer anyways.)  It is my expert opinion that the Broncos have the superior cheerleading squad, superficially speaking of course.  In fact, I struggled to choose a decent six of them to feature here.  It’s true.  And I look at a lot of cheerleaders in my line of “work”.  Also true.  So I present to you the 2013 Sea Gals and Bronco cheerleaders.  I’m not sure if the Bronco girls have a cool nickname or not.  If so, let me know.  And let me know who you think won this year’s Bikini Sunday Super Bowl Edition of course.  Knibb High football rules!