It’s time for Bikini Sunday again, which means I had to nag JD to come up with a pick for this week.

JD’s choice was originally Audrina Patridge, but if memory serves me, she was already used, so I told him to put his thinking cap back on and find someone else. So he chose Karissa Shannon.

And I thought to myself, what’s better than one Shannon twin? TWO! So this week we are featuring both of the Shannon sisters.

Some of you may remember these two as Hugh Hefner’s playtoys. This was inbetween the Girls Next Door phase and his relationship with runaway bride, Crystal…I think. Correct me if I’m wrong. Hef changes girls like he changes underwear. It’s hard to keep up.

Anyway, I’ve included shots of the sisters together, alone and during their preblonde days. Enjoy!