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Bikini Sunday – Weekly Roundup

I was having a hard time choosing this week’s feature, so I decided to show you the best of what this week has to offer and let you all bicker over who is the most worthy of our attention. There were some really good bikini shots floating around in the media this go round. My job is hard!  Here’s what I have for you…

#1.  Gretchen Rossi of Real Housewives of Orange County “fame”.



#2.  Heidi Montag “star” of The Hills and wannabe Barbie doll.



#3.  Jasmin Walia, British reality show regular.



#4.  Joanna Krupa, Polish-American model and Real Housewives of Miami cast member.

Joanna Krupa wears a red and animal print bikini poolside in Miami


#5.  Kimberley Garner, from UK reality show Made in Chelsea.



#6.  Lauren Pope, UK glamour model, DJ, and reality TV regular.



#7.  Lucy Mecklenburgh, cast member in UK reality show The Only Way is Essex.



#8.  Millie Mackintosh, UK reality “actress” and wife of British rapper Professor Green.



#9.  Rihanna, US recording artist and tabloid regular.



#10.  Sonam Kapoor, Indian actress and model.



I told you it was a good lineup!  Please do my job for me in the comments below.  Personally I’m leaning towards Ms Kapoor, but that Millie Mackintosh looks like a fun chick plus she has a cool name.  She’s married to a white rapper though, so that takes away some points.  The US reality girls all look a little ran through.  The UK DJ girl is pretty hot, but she’s trying REALLY hard.  Rihanna is always a favorite of mine, so there’s that.  I told you my job was hard!  Until next week, have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow.  I’ll be in my bunk.

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  1. hoodchick

    I’m leaning toward Jasmin, then Kimberly.

  2. Princess Peach

    Kimberly seems to be the crowd favorite so far.


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