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Bite Your Ankle, I Will

Are you ready for Halloween?  Have you got your costume ready?  How about your dog’s costume?   What’s that?  You don’t have  a costume for your dog?   How dare you?  Why on earth would you leave man’s best friend out of such a momentous occasion?  Don’t you think it makes him sad when you leave him out of things?  How many more questions do you think I can ask before I get to the picture of a dog in a costume?  One?  Two?  What’s that?  I’m cheating with the one word questions?  Did you write the question counting rules?   You didn’t, did you?  Why don’t you just go look at the picture?

I hate you. A lot.

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  1. loolpooq


  2. Sangfroid

    You know I was going to try to get a costume for Charlotte this year for the SG costume contest and I don’t think standing still thinking I hate you would be the response.


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