I am sick of social networking.  Mainly because I am jealous because I am never popular.  I send out friend requests with nice things like: “Let me tell you when I pee!” and: “I know you from the mall.  I watch you at Orange Julius”.  And nobody pays any attention.  They don’t get me.  At least on Twitter I can say what I want and it doesn’t matter much if anyone is listening.

That’s sort of how blip.fm is.  It lets you find songs on the internet and make your own playlist.  They link to mp3’s just hanging out on the web, and I haven’t searched for anything that they haven’t had.  So then it plays through your browser and you can come back and play it whenever.

What’s the social part?  I don’t know, some shit about how other people will find your songs and follow you or recommend something or some crap like that.  I don’t get it, but I know that I only have one “listener” which means I suck at this social thing like I do everything else…

So – is blip.fm gonna make it?  Who knows?  I will keep looking for songs when I think of them.  And then I will go back to Orange Julius and lurk.  I mean wait.  I mean have something to drink.  Get away from me.