As a special bonus post for SPOOK-O-WEEN month, I watched 28 Days Later for the first time this weekend and I decided to write a little post of my thoughts.

First of all, while I know this movie is not a zombie film per se, it’s pretty similar in a lot of ways. People infected become shambling horrors, they infect you by biting you, they are mindless hordes, there seems to be no escape, the living have to band together against the infected.

That means I was already going to be partial to it because despite my fear of horror movies (which I’m working on!) I have always loved zombie stories. I am not going to do a deep dive on this one, I’m just going to tell you a few things that stood out to me.

Parallels to The Walking Dead

Jim waking up in the hospital immediately reminded me of Rick waking up in the hospital. (Caveat – I know 28 Days Later is older than the TV Show The Walking Dead, I don’t know which actual story is older, I told you this wasn’t a deep dive!)

Jim on the left, Rick on the right

They both wake up alone, clearly having been that way too long (rooms abandoned, beards overgrown, etc.), then stumble around empty hospitals in confusion trying to figure out what the actual hell is going on.

Jim on the left, Rick on the right

They both stumble out into the world not understanding what’s happened and run into some of the infected, and are saved by some living, regular people who are hip to the current situation.

Fast Zombies

Again, I understand they’re not technically zombies but I’m just going to call the infected zombies probably for all the rest of this post. Duly noted that I know that’s not what they are exactly. The thing is, aren’t fast zombies way scarier than slow zombies? Yeah they are! Slow zombies are only really a threat when they surprise you by somehow sneaking up on you with no warning, or when they are in large numbers, or falling on top of you into a pit maybe. But otherwise you can just outrun (or outwalk!) them. Now FAST zombies – that’s scary. And that’s what we’ve got in this movie. Similarly to 2004’s “Dawn of the Dead”! 

Fast zombies in 28 Days Later

Fast zombies in Dawn of the Dead

So scary, friends. Right?

I almost had 13 heart attacks in the “car gets a flat tire in a tunnel and has to be changed really quickly or else” scene.

Sometimes the Bravest Dudes are Also the Nicest Dudes

Like Frank, in this movie.

Frank, all badass and whatnot, rescuing Jim and Selena

Frank, chipper as all hell, introducing them to his daughter Hannah and offering them food and shelter

And remember Tyrese in The Walking Dead? Yeah.

Tyrese, one of my faves from The Walking Dead

Tyrese, not taking $hit from Daryl

Oh, Frank. I wish you were with us longer. And you too, Tyrese.

 The Movie Is Actually About the Horrors of Regular Human Beings

And as we find out, the real horrors aren’t the infected at all, they’re just the regular old living people who are still down for being completely and utterly unredeemable. Such as the Governor, Negan, and Major West.

Black Women Gotta Save Everyone Else and Themselves Too

Just like in the real world in 2018 if you hear what I’m saying.

Selena, Michonne, and a protestor at the 2017 Women’s March

If you’ve seen 28 Days Later, what are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below!