Briana Banks has been around for a long time. And now, in early 2016,  she is making a movie comeback.  All I can tell is that she got her lips all jacked up.  I am not sure why people do that but I guess Briana thought that after doing sexy movies for 100 years it was her lips that needed  a touch up.

But be that as it may, she was one of my dirty movie crushes for years.  I remember one of the first times I saw her…..

Back in like, 2001, my boss had stolen cable.  I am not sure if you can still do it but you used to be able to buy some shady box thing, stick it into your wall and all of a sudden you had cable.  Not the fancy digital stuff but just changing channels with some basic looking remote and you had to just know what channel was which.

Now, this was in NY so everything is always weirder. And for some reason his stolen cable just had some channel that showed dirty movies all day long.  And since it was 2001 Briana Banks was in 99% of them.  She sure was pretty.  And now here are some pictures of her with her clothes on.

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