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Bride of Frankenstein: 26th Scariest Movie of All Time

I realize that back in the olden times there really wasn’t a lot of sexing you could do.  And that the whole concept of having a guy made out of corpse parts needing a wife who was also made out of corpse parts was probably pretty scary back then.

But what did they think the happy couple was gonna do?  Sit there and say: ARRRRARARARRRA at each other all night?  I mean, in the olden times the only people who didn’t get married were whores and anarchist whores.  So everyone in the theater was probably married and sitting there next to their wife or husband and wondering the same thing:

If the scientist spent that much time on her hairdo, I wonder what he did with her hoo-ha!

Not being an expert on corpsey genitalia, I rely on the public to fill me in on such things.  Has anyone ever actually seen this movie?  Did Dr. Frankenstein give the monster some junk?  Why is this one of the 31 Scariest Movies of all time?  Someone?  Original Trailer After the Jump! Maybe that will be a clue.  Or maybe back then people were scared of everything.  Sissies.  Well, except these are the same people who like, fought WWII so whatever.  Good thing we fought Nazi’s instead of Frankensteins.  Or we’d all be speaking Frankenstein!

Bride of Frankenstein Original Trailer

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  1. Nicole Ireland

    That is EXACTLY what I wondered, Vange. You so smart.

    Although, I would like to see Acadia’s scientific data on this one.

  2. sangfroid

    Did Vange actually just say Hoo-Ha?

    • Acadia

      No, the author was wrong – heh

  3. Patrick

    They did the Monster Mash,of course it was electrifying! Talk about being Blinded by Science.

  4. James Melzer

    Having seen the movie on numerous occasions, I fail to see how it made the list. I think it’s just there for nostalgic purposes.

  5. vange

    Ooops. I set up the articles so all Acadia had to do was write the words.

    I forgotted to change the author. I R DUM

  6. vange

    But Nicole is right, I am really smart.


  7. sangfroid

    It’s every guys nightmare. Custom built cherry girl and she goes, “Aaarrrhhhh” and dumps you. No wonder Frank demolishes the place.

  8. captain america

    pssssssssst: TALK TO MY UNCLE!!


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