Day 5 of 31 Days of Halloween! Actually that’s bullshit it’s day 7 I’m just really behind on stuff. Here’s a quick and simple breakdown of my Britney Spears cosplay from the “Baby One More Time” music video!

Part One: Ya Clothes

All of these were Amazon purchases so let me drop some prices on you! I got a white button up shirt for $23 (I also shrunk it like an idiot so ya know don’t ask me to do laundry). A grey cardigan for around $20. Black pleated skirt for $17. Knee high socks for $11. I already owned some platform Mary Janes because you know I actually GREW up in the early 2000’s.
The wig was $17 and honestly not that accurate. I chose it because it will have a different use for another cosplay coming later in the month. But definitely find a slightly shorter, more golden blonde one if you can!

Total Cost: $88

Part Two: Makeup One More Time

For the makeup try to keep in mind that the early 2000’s were all about being bronzed and glowy. Can you see it in the pictures? Oh no you can’t? Well it’s because my skin its color and it’s insanely frustrating. Regardless, apply your bronzer where the sun would hit you versus contouring. For eyes it’s very neutral colors finished with some brown liner. I applied some false lashes to give a little bit of definition as well. Lips I went with a color only about 1 shade darker than my natural shade. Make sure to add a pop of a light to clear gloss because we were all about that back then!

Part Three: Next Track

So this cosplay is pretty expensive to do the entire thing. However there are two upsides. One is that the clothes can be worn IRL. Now for me the wig will be used for 2 different cosplays. I could reuse the skirt and socks for a Nea Dead By Daylight Cosplay. The white blouse will be used for a different and same with the sweater. So if you actually like the clothes or can reuse them for other cosplays it’s not that bad!!

Off to go write Day 6 now….x0x0 Beta

If you want to catch these cosplays live they’ll be on every night in October 9pm EST!