heart of ice

If any of you are down with whats doing on Twitter and the interwebz lately then you should already have seen this photo which is typically titled something like “Actual photo of my heart”. LOLZ right?

Well, rather than ice, I usually refer to my heart as cold and coal black, more like this:

heart of coal

(By the way, you can actually buy that coal heart from the artist who created it!)

Well, the point is, the story I’m about to show you actually made me catch feelings in that cold dark place in my chest where a heart is supposed to be. Therefore, if you don’t know this tale yet, fasten your seatbelts and perhaps get yourself ready for possible tearing up. It kind of makes me want to hug the whole world.

This is a story about how a guy who works at Buzzfeed had his iphone stolen from him at a bar in St. Mark’s place in NYC, and ended up making a friend for life on the other side of the world, in China, following a series of completely crazy events.

Now normally my commentary on China runs along the line of the Simpsons jokes about how by the time Bart is old enough to serve in the military it won’t matter because we’ll have taken over the whole planet by then – followed by Homer saying, “Wait, we’re China, right?” But, you know, the people in China aren’t the government, just like the people in the U.S. aren’t the government. They’re just human beings trying to do their jobs, have a life, take care of their family and friends and loved ones, and that’s that.

The extremely shortened version of this story is this guy’s phone was stolen, he got a new one and went on with his life, months later photos of someone he didn’t recognize started appearing in his iPhoto stream on his new phone and he posted about it online, which led to people tracking down who the person was, finding him in China, and causing an internet sensation that led to the original owner of the phone flying to China and meeting a new lifelong friend. But really, the article is well-written and you should read it. It will seem made-up, but it’s not. They are even making a documentary about it.

Brother Orange


Picture of my actual heart after reading this story:

melted heart