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People Bustedstr8 Thinks Are Douches – Blackjack


You know how bustedstr8 takes pictures of people he thinks are douches.  Well, he did it again.  And as usual he didn’t tell us why, so it’s on us to try to figure it out.  Here are the clues as I seem them.

  • busted is a degenerate gambler so I have no doubt that he took this picture.
  • You are no supposed to be taking pictures in casinos, let alone AT the tables so I am going to have to assume he was beaten soundly after taking it.  That must mean that one of the people in the picture was such a douche that it was worth some cracked ribs.
  • He either doesn’t like that lady, they guy behind the lady or the elbow on the left.
  • Since this is not called ‘elbows busted thinks are douches’, I’m gonna rule out elbow.
  • The lady either already busted or already won, no?  She has no cards on the table.
  • She looks like she is worried elbow is gonna steal her pocketbook.
  • The guy standing behind her seems like he is up to something.  Standing there like Superman with his hands on his hips.  Suspicious if you ask me.
  • What’s he got under that hat, something douchey?
  • That lady doesn’t have shit for chips.  Maybe busted robbed her!

I don’t have any more ideas.  Someone ask bustedstr8.  Unless he’s too drunk.

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Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. captain america

    …………I DON’T GET IT, folks!!

  2. loolpooq

    how do you know busted hates them?

    could have sent you the wrong pic

    maybe he likes that women

  3. bustedstr8

    I do hate that woman…to be fair I hate playing with oriental people all together (HIT THOSE FUCKING 16’S YOU ASSFUCKS!) but this lady was especially worthless. You can’t see her betting position because I’m a shitty photographer but she was actually cleaning up and getting me murdered at the same time.

    The dude behind her was a member of the crowd who had formed to watch her and I verbally spar. I was getting the best of her right up until I went over the deep end and had to go to my room.

  4. Acadia

    I split 5’s.

    • bustedstr8

      You son of a bitch


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