I know I ask for a lot, but seriously I need a yacht that has a matching car that drives onto the yacht and then the yacht sails away.  With me on it.  And probably I would have some gold on it.  Bars, doubloons, rope, all the coolest forms that gold comes in.  I haven’t really planned past that, though.  Maybe I’ll race other billionaires around the Pacific or plan elaborate heists.

Or maybe I’ll sell the boat and keep the car!  Then the fool that has the boat can drive their Nissan Stanza onto the Yacht and feel not as cool as me.  Then again, if I look closely at that car it sort of looks like it doesn’t have doors.  Hmm.  Maybe I should just keep the doubloons.  But that’s my decision.  Not yours.  You just make with the buying.  It’s important to me, and that means it’s important to you.

Next I’ll find a car that a boat can sail into.  You can have that.  Even trade.