OK so on Podcaturday this morning I fucked up the voice mails thing and we didn’t get to play them – so we hatched a plot to have a second show tomorrow with just voice mails.  That means we need more voice mails or else the show is going to be like 10 minutes long.  And, since I have decided to make it a competition, Melzer and Beans have to lose.  That means when you call you should say you are calling because of the gallery.  And then plug your shit.  Or ask a question.  Or do something.  Just beat Melzer and Beans!

Call 206-888-1710 and in the beginning of the message make sure you mention the gallery, and your site, or your dance class, or your smoking hot mom.  I don’t care.  Just do it!  Milla Jovovich did it.  You can see after the jump!

Update! I am making this the podcaturday post, too cuz I’m lazy.  It’s linked down there now.