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Calling All Foot Fetishists!

mariska-hargitay-feet-articleWe have been slowly building up a new section in our Photo Gallery devoted to pictures of celebrities’ feet.  We aren’t very discriminating as to which pix make the cut; some pix are of bare feet prominently displayed, some are of open-toed shoes and some the chick just happens to have them at the bottom of her legs.  We’ve had some discussions about what constitutes a good foot pic and, well, Acadia and I agreed to disagree on this one.

Anyway, it is a fledgling section with only 29 albums and 109 pictures but we have several thousand more to go in as time permits.  If you have a foot fetish (or would like to develop one) check the Celebrity Feet section out and keep coming back as we add new ones daily.  We always welcome new pix so please feel free to hit the Contact Us link and send in your celeb feet pix.

We are big on the whole body niche angle–just check out the Tongues section.  We have the largest and best organized collection of celebrity tongue pictures on the internet.  We conquered that, so feet are logically the next realm to tackle.  And then I think we will work on building a section devoted to celebrities’ elbows.  Or ears.  Hmm, I feel like we need a poll.  You all get to weigh in on this very pressing issue.  The results will be binding, so vote carefully and often!

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  1. Hotspur

    I have a hand fetish. Well, it’s not really a fetish, but after I look at a woman’s face the next place I look is her hands.

  2. vettech

    If it’s naked feet or toe cleavage that floats your boat then it’s a foot fetish and if its the high heels or slutty boots, then its a shoe fetish… but I say mix them together to cast the wider net. Oh, and make sure you get some ped-egg porn too. 🙂

    • vange

      You know Acadia would KILL me if I did that! How about a section of nail clippings while we’re at it? ahahahahah


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