I went here

It’s Carnival Friday, which is code for the night all the work gets done on the site.  So get ready for hot…site action, I guess.  Or something.  And to start it all off right, I decided to post a pic of Keating Hall, which stands majestically on the campus of my alma mater, Fordham University.   And since I am feeling so wistful, I decided to look up the bar I used ot work at, and i found this.


Yep – the bar I used to work at was cited for: Non-food contact surface improperly constructed and Toilets not maintained.  I can vouch for boh of those.  And I guess that makes this a link post!

  • The 10 Hottest Titty Flopping Sex Scenes Of All Time
  • I think this guy is actually the real Houdini.  I don’t think a fake Houdini would have been able to get his pic taken with both Willis from Different Strokes AND the Mayor of Asheville, NC.
  • If you don’t know Latarian Milton then you don’t know that he took his grandmas car because he was mad at his mom and that his friend smokes with cigarettes.  And he’s seven.

In fact – this fat little bastard makes me so happy I am just going to put his whole video in here.  The fat little bastard.

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