How many people still remember Haiti? Much of the rubble from the earthquake still remains making most of the capital impassable. There’s more than a million people still in tent cities and the tents are starting to fall apart. Crime, especially against women and children runs rampant in these shitholes. Enough aid money had been raised to give each displaced family a check for $37,000 yet only a small percentage has been released. Forgive me for being cynical but I don’t think it’s just the Haitian fatcats holding things up till they get their cut. I’m not here to get you to donate to a fashionable charity, that’s Bono’s job. I’m here to ask if you remember; Sri Lanka, that little earthquake in Kashmir, the cyclone that devastated Burma and the odd government reaction to aid there, Somalia and let’s not forget one of the all time cluster fucked places the Congo.

I can get really rolling on this kind of thing. A long time ago when I wasn’t cynical I tried helping too only to discover it’s not about setting up decent employment, a place to live and a full belly. It’s about grandstanding and make a big show about doing something. It’s virgin territory for every expert with an idea for an earthquake proof house and no realization that you’ve got to get people out of their plywood shacks first. It’s about getting a clue and not feeling self satisfied for pretending to help.

Too bad he can't run for the president of the USA

Oh fuck all that Wyclef Jean has put his name in the ring for the presidential elections of Haiti. I happen to like Wyclef Jean’s music and I thought it was cool that he bought the Spider Bike from Orange County Choppers  before the Teutul’s forgot they were making bikes not being reality stars. I mean hell we had Ronnie Reagan and have Arnold why the hell is Sean Penn slamming Wyclef Jean? I’ve seen Sean Penn floating around in a boat after New Orleans and he’s not Bono but why would he think that any of the puppet candidates are going to be any better or worse than Wyclef Jean? I mean if he’d said that Jean’s charity Yele Haiti has had some accounting problems or that he’s screwed up his own finances so much he’s going to lose his Miami mansion I’d listen more.

“The last thing Haiti needs, and I’m not calling Wyclef Jean an opportunist–I don’t know the man, but I think it’s extremely important that we pay close attention to the individuals in the United States who are enamored with him, maybe not for his political strengths, and in particular for corporate interests who are enamored with him and those that may themselves be opportunists on the backs of the Haitian people.”

Jeff Spicoli and Sean Penn

You know what it comes down to in the end for me? Even though he’s been over here in the good old USA for a long time he’s a black man and a Haitian. Sean Penn can turn out to be the next Mother Teresa and Wyclef Jean is still going to be a black Haitian. He said in response to Penn’s criticisms that he has “sweat blood” for Haiti and played a vital part in keeping the peace in Haiti after the country’s former president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, fled.

Wyclef Jean said, “What I want Sean Penn to know is, if I was not in Haiti after Jean-Bertrand Aristide left, if I did not create Yele Haiti to start stopping the violence, even him coming to Haiti would not have been possible today”.

“The first thing I’d like to say to Sean Penn is that the area which he operates in Haiti is one area in particular,” Jean said in response to the actor’s claims that the rapper had been a “non-presence” in the country for the past six months.

“He hasn’t seen me for six months—I’ve been going to Haiti for over five years…I am not absent in Haiti, maybe the tent city you’re in, maybe I’m absent in that…My country is not a city of tents, meaning I can’t use the excuse of people living in tents to say that I’m going to make Haiti a better place. I would like to tell Sean Penn I do not react on emotions when it comes to the Haitian people. I do not have to sacrifice my life and live inside of the tents to prove I am for the Haitian people.”